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Whatis Q Language Maintenance Functions?


.Q.en is a dyadic function which assist in splaying a table through enumerating a image column. it is mainly useful when we are managing historical db (splayed, partition tables etc.). –
Where directory is the house directory of the historic database where sym file is placed and table is the table to be enumerated.
Manual enumeration of tables is not required to save them as splayed tables, as this may be done through –


The .Q.dpft feature allows in developing partitioned and segmented tables. it is advanced form of .Q.en, as it not best splays the table however also creates a partition table.
  • There are 4 arguments used in .Q.dpft −
  • Symbolic file manage of the database where we need to create a partition,
  • q data value with which we are going to partition the table,
  • Name of the field with which parted (‘p#) attribute goes to be carried out (usually ‘sym), and
  • The table name.
Let’s take an example to see how it works −
we have deleted the table tab from the memory. allow us to now load it from the db


.Q.chk is a monadic feature whose single parameter is the symbolic document manage of the root directory. It creates empty tables in a partition, wherever important, by using examining every partition subdirectories within the root.
Where directory is the home directory of the historical database.

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