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What are the scoring Techniques in Karate?

In traditional karate the points are signified by Bouts point system which is famously used in this art. The scoring points in Karate are many. Based on the type of hitting within the specified area with correct balance of the body can be given an ippon (one full point). If the person does not maintain balance and hit in a strong way then he/ she may not get either half point or no point.


In karate you find full style karate and American style kick boxing karate. The scoring system in both is different. For example, in American style kick boxing the point is made by hitting the competitor with blows and kick whereas, in full style karate the points counts for defending yourself or to get away from opposing player’s touch.

Be Smart and Fast

We inculcate all the global knowledge with our five senses-sight, smell, touch, sound and smell. They all give directions to our brain. However, there will be difference in person to person of acquiring new information from a fusion of different senses. For example some prefer to touch sight and sound as their first combination of sense to imbibe a new technique.


An efficient master knows very well how to train his students by using their senses. For example some commands prefer demonstration(visual), discussion(auditory) and practice(kinesthetic) to be taught a new technique to their students whereas, some accept the truth that practicing from a pain is a good method to remember the techniques at longer periods of time.

Keep Yourself Motivated

Learning karate is not that much easy. It needs self-determination to bear all the pain. By making your mind peace and keeping your body stable is another crucial factor, but most of the students will not practice till the end and will leave in the middle itself. When asked they said of not being motivated. So, in brief we need to say that you must have a potent reason to answer the questions of why and what that will stick in your head.

Some pupils practice for the sake of self-protection. Some are more interested in getting black belt whereas, some want to involve completely their life in karate just to teach others. You need to find a strong reason that allows you to keep stimulated. Do see the videos of many martial art fighters in order to know what kind of hard work and effort it needs actually and the place where you stand exactly on that point.

Majority of teachers usually recommend that every day you need to instil your mind with what you have learning the new style in karate the present day. Some moves and techniques that you haven’t tried previously, in brief keep-stay ravenous, stay with positive attitude. Write down every day on a blank paper.

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