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What is Kanban Lean and Agile?

In Agile Kanban, there is a concept of iteration which is not in Kanban. The user stories are segmented into tasks and Kanban cards are made use for tracking these tasks on the Kanban board.

Kanban in Value Stream

Focusing on delivering of value, Kanban is described to execute in value stream. One can visualize the Kanban within software development as the flow of features over the value stream. Kanban approach covers all the characteristics required for the software development.

Feature Kanban Board

Using Kanban approach the feature driven development is traced with Feature Kanban Board. The Kanban board has columns which represents releases and each feature is assigned to a specific release. Therefore, the column has all the features for that release.

We divide each feature into stories and each release into number of iterations. Using Agile Development approach, iteration is executed. This is referred to as value stream with sub-stream having the yet to complete stories within that iteration allotted.

Agile Kanban in Sub-stream

For every sub stream in iteration, Agile Kanban approach is used where a story is divided into number of tasks in the iteration. To trace the status and progress of tasks, Task Kanban board is used. By showing the cards in different columns on the board, the present status of it is known. To Do, Doing and Done are the columns.

Continuous Delivery

The customer gets the requirements done with tracking the features on feature kanban board.

The output of a release is achieved by -

  • Continuous tracking
  • Constant communication with the customer
  • Altering the development plan as per need.
  • Emphasis on the delivering value to the customer.

Team collaboration is maintained by Kanban as well as Agile development where the bottlenecks are spotted and resolved quickly. Therefore the customer expectations are met by finishing all the tasks in a iteration in delivering a quality product.

Continuous Process Improvement

The delivery approach can be enhanced with the support of Kanban.

Suppose there is a need to add a product or a change related to it. Kanban cards are used in visualizing the needs going through the analysis, design, development, and testing processes. This might be similar to Waterfall but it differs in the context of independency on process. A process is not required to complete for executing the next process.

This allows maintainability, reliability and integrity of the product by implementing Kanban. The required improvements in process are collected regularly and continuously implemented.

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