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What is Kanban Agile?

Agile Kanban is combination of Kanban with Agile software development. In this approach, they have a Kanban board attached to a wall in a project room and visualize the workflow with the status and progress of the development tasks.

Kanban Board

  • It is used in depicting the way the flow happens in value stream. The Kanban board −
  • Is accessible to everyone in the project.
  • Provides the communications whenever needed.
  • Visualizatin of the progressing tasks.
  • Blockages are identified very quickly.

Advantages of Kanban board

Below are the advantages of Kanban board -

Empowerment of Team

This means −

  • Team is given rights to take resolutions when needed.
  • Collectively solving the hindrances as a team.
  • Relevant information is accessed by team.
  • Team is always in touch with consumer.

Continuous Delivery

This means −

  • Focus on work completion.
  • At any point of time having very few requirements.
  • Pay attention to deliver value to the customer.

Emphasis on whole project.

Kanban cards represents stories and tasks. Display the cards in separate columns to show the current status of each task. There are three columns, To Do, Doing and Done where a task moves from To Do to Doing and to Done at the end.

To know the progress of the development, the Kanban Board is updated on daily basis.

WIP Limit

In the Doing column, there is a number that shows the number of tasks that can be in queue at any given time which is Work In Progress WIP limit.

Pull Approach

Whenever the task is finished in the Doing column, the Pull approach is used and another card is taken from the To Do column.


Team is involved in all the functions like plan, track, report and communicate in projects implementing Agile Development. Team has the feasibility to make conclusions and responsible for completing the development. In Kanban, this feature is aligned to the empowerment of team.

Continuous Flow

The flow is continuous in Agile Development without any wait time. By this, the cycle time of Kanban is minimized considerably.

Visual Metrics

The metrics of the development in Agile Kanban are traced using -

  • Kanban Board
  • Burndown Chart

Uses of Kanban board

Kanban Board is used to −

  • Calculate the average cycle time that can be optimized.
  • Trace the WIP limit for eliminating waste.
  • Trace the resource utilization.

Uses of Burndown chart

Burndown chart is used to capture −

  • Present status of the stories and tasks.
  • The progress rate of finishing the pending work.

Burdown charts need data which can be updated from Kanban Board as they are changed daily.

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