Construction of the defensive JVM - JVM

The defensive JVM extends (and re_nes) the trustful JVM with a checking component: before an instruction is executed the types of the current state are checked. Figure below de_nes the scheme for the defensive VM which will be instantiated in the following sections for the JVM submachines. If checking fails, the machine reports failure. The execVM rules are lifted forms of those introduced before; check and type denote functions de_ned below in this section expressing that the execution of the current instruction will not violate the conditions which are required to hold for the stack size and the types of the values the instruction operates on. The above defensiveSchemeI will be re_ned to the defensiveSchemeC by introducing switching, similarly to the extension of the trustful JVMI to the trustful JVMC, and to a scheme which takes into account also native methods.

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