Third-Party Tag Libraries - JSP

Many tag libraries are available for free or for a fee. For example, the Apache Software Foundation is an organization that produces free software that you can use for personal or commercial ends.Volunteers run it, so anybody can get involved and contribute to the source code of the projects that it hosts. One of the projects that Apache hosts is the Jakarta project, which consists of server-side software for the Java platform. Jakarta’s subprojects include

  • Ant: an XML- and Java-based build tool.
  • Struts: a framework for writing Model 2 architecture Web applications.
  • Tomcat: the reference implementation (RI) for the Java Servlet and JSP specifications.

Another project that you will no doubt come across is the Jakarta Taglibs project.

The Jakarta Taglibs Project

The Jakarta Taglibs project was set up to produce Web publishing tool extensions and JSP custom tag libraries. All the software that makes up the project is freely available as open source.

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