The Model 1 Architecture - JSP

The firstarchitecture model to be discussed in this chapteris the simplest.It is referred to as the Model 1 architecture. It is the most intuitive architecture, and Figure shows how it works. The Model 1 architecture involves the client requesting specific JSPs via a URL, and the server delivering the output from the JSP.The JSP might employ tag libraries to minimize the use of scriptlets, and it might also use JavaBeans to contain the business logic for the application.These Beans are created and used from the JSPs.The Model 1 architecture is said to be decentralized because the next page to be displayed is determined by the previous one.There is no need for servlets in this architecture. The alternative to the Model 1 architecture is the imaginatively named Model 2 architecture.

The Model 1 architecture.

The Model 1 architecture.

Note You might be wondering where the names Model 1 and Model 2 came from. The names are historical and are from some of the earlier drafts of the JSP specification. These terms are no longer used within specification documents, but are still widely used in the literature.

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