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Struts is not the only framework for building Web applications. Another framework that is emerging at the time of writing is JavaServer Faces (JSF). Craig McClanahan, the creator of Struts, is developing this framework, and the intention is that JSF will eventually supercede Struts. Here is a quote from the Struts FAQ: At some point, we would not be surprised to see Facesbecome the preferred UI implementation technology once it is standardized and available.You can be assured that any future migration will be made as painless as possible, and maximize your investment in Struts. It is currently part of the Java Community Process as JSR-127. One of the main benefits of this technology will be that tool vendors will be able to build tools that will enable the Web developer to be able to build Web applications in a drag-and-drop way.This is a similar style to how ASP.NET applications can be built using the Microsoft Visual Studio product.

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