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What is the use of article metadata?

This chapter will give detailed description about Article Metadata in Joomla. Metadata brief description of the article and it is easy to work with a particular data.

Joomla - Article Metadata

Below are the simple steps used to set the Joomla article metadata

Step (1) − Go to System → Global Configuration as shown in below screen.

Joomla - Article Metadata

Next, click on Global Configuration, to view below screen and enter all the fields with appropriate values.

Global Configuration

Below are the details of the fields present in the Joomla Article Metadata section.

Site Meta Description – This is used to enter overall description of the website and will be used by the search engine.

Site Meta Keywords − Keywords and phrases are written to describe the website and both of these should be separated by comma.

Robots − Robot instruction.

Content Rights – This is used for writing rights of the content which is being used by others.

Show Author Meta Tag − Author Meta tag is shown while viewing the articles.

Show Joomla! Version – This will display the currently used Joomla version.


Below are the toolbar options in the Metadata −

Save – This will save the metadata settings.

Save & Close – This will save the metadata settings and closes the current screen.

Cancel – This will cancel the metadata settings in Joomla.

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