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What are Job search skills Goals?

Once you are self-realized, setting your goal is the next step. We shall discuss the importance of setting achievable goals in this section.

What is a Goal?

A goal can be defined as your ultimate wish, dream, desire, and source of happiness that you wish to attain. It can be decided once you self-introspect yourself. Do not confuse and don’t make any mistake as all your activities will be solely goal-oriented. A small mistake can cause you big problems.


What is an Ideal Goal?

Ideal goal can be set by paying attention to the below points-

  • Specific – Without any confusion, your goal has to be set specifically. Once set, make a resolution to achieve it at any cost. For example, if your goal is to work for the Amazon Company, stick with it.
  • Measurable and Achievable – Do not set goals abstractly, do the analysis of your wish, skill sets, education, and immediate circumstances and decide it so that you can visualize your goal and can make the right strategy to achieve that. For example consider you are a very good management student, but also like basketball; you have very good knowledge of basketball game, but you have never played. In such situations, do not confuse, basketball is your likeness but management area is your expertise.

Salient Features of a Goal

  • Relevant – Goals are fascinating for a stipulated time period but loses its relevancy as time passes by. Consider an athlete girl, she cannot pursue her goal for a long time as future after marriage many problems arise in her personal as well as professional life.
  • Time Framework – For attaining your goal, you have to fix a time period.

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