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How to create a subtask in JIRA?

An issue can be finished by executing many tasks with changed persons like Dev, QA, UAT, Business, Support, etc. To track the advancement in each section, sub-tasks are created in an issue and allocated to the desired person. When all the sub-tasks are fixed, the issue can be marked as finished.

Facts to Note for Creating a Subtask

The resulting points are to be measured when creating a subtask.

  • All subtasks are a vital part of their parent issue.
  • All subtasks are noticeable on the core screen of the parent issue.
  • Subtasks constantly belong to the similar project as their parent issue.
  • Subtask has all fields that are existing in the standard issue.
  • Subtasks cannot have a subtask of their own.

Steps to Follow for Creating a Subtask

We should deliberate the resulting steps when creating a subtask.

  • Open an issue where subtasks must be created.
  • Select More → Create Subtask. Create subtask page will display.

The resulting screenshot displays how to access the Create Subtask functionality.


Enter the particulars in all the obligatory fields and then click on Create. The resulting screenshot shows the Create Subtask Form with the essential and optional fields.


Once a subtask is formed, it will be obtainable on the Main Issue page → Subtask section. The resulting screenshot displays how to view a subtask in an issue.


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