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What Is JIRA Clone an Issue?

Cloning means to duplicate. To clone an issue means to make an identical issue within the similar project. A cloned issue can be preserved as a new problem and edited like other issues.

We should deliberate the resulting points while cloning an issue.

  • A cloned issue is totally a distinct issue from the original issue.
  • A little action or operation taken on the original issue does not have any influence on the clone issue and vice-versa.
  • The only assembly amongst the original and clone is the link that is created.

Information that is carried from the original issue to clone issue is as follows −

  • Summary
  • Description
  • Assignee
  • Environment
  • Priority
  • Issue Type
  • Security
  • Component
  • Reporter
  • Affects Version
  • Fix Version
  • Attachment
  • Projects
  • Content of custom fields are also cloned
  • Information that is not cloned −
    • Time Tracking
    • Comments
    • Issue History
    • Links to confluence pages

Steps to Follow for Cloning

Open a JIRA issue that is made-up to be cloned. Select More → Clone when the screen appears. The resulting screenshot displays how to access the Clone functionality.
clone_functionality (1)

In the clone screen, there are a limited choice given to the users, which are as follows −

  • A user can alter the summary while cloning it.
  • If the issue comprises links to other issues, a user can check the checkbox to comprise the clone issue or uncheck if the user does not need to be a part of the clone issue.
  • If the issue has sub-tasks, the user can choose/deselect the checkbox to comprise the sub-tasks in clone or not.
  • The similar is valid for addon as well.
  • It also gives an choice, whether to carry or not – the sprint value to the new clone issue.

The resulting screenshot displays how to clone an issue by offering the essential details.


The following step is to click on Create. It will show the clone issue particulars. If the user does not alter the clone words while creating, it can be noticeable in the summary, links and sub-tasks. The resulting screenshot displays how a cloned issue is showed.


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