What Is the Definition of ParameterMetaData? in JDBC

ParameterMetaData is an object that can be used to get information about the types and properties of the parameters in a PreparedStatement object. J2SE 5.0 defines ParameterMetaData as shown in Tables.

ParameterMetaData Field Summary

ParameterMetaData Method Summary

Following the definition, ParameterMetaData methods provide the following types of information:

  • The number of parameters (getParameterCount())
  • The data types of parameters, including the precision and scale of decimal parameters(getParameterType(int parameterNumber))
  • The parameters’ database-specific type names (getParameterTypeName(int parameterNumber))
  • Whether parameters are nullable (isNullable(int parameterNumber))
  • Whether parameters are input, output, or input/output
    parameters(getParameterMode(int parameterNumber))
  • Whether the values of a numeric parameter can be signed (isSigned(int parameterNumber))
  • The fully qualified Java class name that the PreparedStatement.setObject() method uses when it sets a parameter value (getParameterClassName(int parameterNumber))

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