What Is the Definition of ParameterMetaData? JDBC

ParameterMetaData is an object that can be used to get information about the types and properties of the parameters in a PreparedStatement object. J2SE 5.0 defines ParameterMetaData as shown in Tables.

ParameterMetaData Field Summary

Parameter Meta Data Field Summary

ParameterMetaData Method Summary

ParameterMetaData Method Summary

Following the definition, ParameterMetaData methods provide the following types of information:

  • The number of parameters (getParameterCount())
  • The data types of parameters, including the precision and scale of decimal parameters(getParameterType(int parameterNumber))
  • The parameters’ database-specific type names (getParameterTypeName(int parameterNumber))
  • Whether parameters are nullable (isNullable(int parameterNumber))
  • Whether parameters are input, output, or input/output
    parameters(getParameterMode(int parameterNumber))
  • Whether the values of a numeric parameter can be signed (isSigned(int parameterNumber))
  • The fully qualified Java class name that the PreparedStatement.setObject() method uses when it sets a parameter value (getParameterClassName(int parameterNumber))

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