What Is a Sample Application of DriverPropertyInfo? - JDBC

The iSQL-Viewer’s table model has three default columns:

  • A boolean column for showing if the value is required, as in DriverPropertyInfo.required.
  • A String column for the property name, as in DriverPropertyInfo.name.
  • A String column for the property value, as in DriverPropertyInfo.value. This column is also the only editable column and represents the current configure value for the property.

In the iSQL-Viewer environment, there are two places in particular that this model is used:

  • In the extended properties section when creating services.
  • In the TableFilter classes. This model simplifies creating a java.util.Properties object from the DriverPropertyInfo object contained in the class.

According to the iSQL-Viewer’s documentation, “This model simplifies creating a Properties object from the DriverPropertyInfo object contained herein.” This class, DriverPropertyTableModel, also provides a unique TableCellEditor that will edit a given value for the Driver property. Since DriverProperties can have a default value and a possible list of choices, the ChoiceEditor will actually change the editable component from a text field to a combobox if necessary. This is what makes the TableCellEditor unique since editors are not row-centric.

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