What Is a RowSetMetaData Object? JDBC

javax.sql.RowSetMetaData(which extends java.sql.ResultSetMetaData) manages a RowSet’s metadata information. According to the J2SE 5.0 documentation, RowSetMetaData is an object that contains information about the columns in a RowSet object. This interface is an extension of the ResultSetMetaData interface with methods for setting the values in a RowSetMetaData object. When a RowSetReader object reads data into a RowSet object, it creates a RowSetMetaData object and initializes it using the methods in the RowSetMetaData interface. Then the reader passes the RowSetMetaData object to the rowset.

The RowSetMetaDataImpl class implements three interfaces: Serializable, ResultSetMetaData, and RowSetMetaData. According to the J2SE 5.0 documentation, the RowSetMetaDataImpl class provides implementations for the methods that set and get metadata information about a RowSet object’s columns. A RowSetMetaDataImpl object keeps track of the number of columns in the rowset and maintains an internal array of column attributes for each column. A RowSet object creates a RowSetMetaDataImpl object internally in order to set and retrieve information about its columns. All metadata in a RowSetMetaDataImpl object should be considered as unavailable until the RowSet object that it describes is populated. Therefore, any RowSetMetaDataImpl method that retrieves information is defined as having unspecified behavior when it is called before the RowSet object contains data.

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