What Are the Relationships Between Key Classes and Interfaces for Rowsets? JDBC

Figure show the relationships between key classes and interfaces for rowsets.

We can observe the following from Figure:

  • RowSet is a foundation interface for all rowset objects (CachedRowSet, WebRowSet, etc.).
  • RowSet extends ResultSet and RowSetMetaData extends ResultSetMetaData.
  • Every rowset object has an internal object (called InternalRowSet) that enables reading and writing to data sources.
  • The RowSet interface supports JavaBeans events (by using RowSetEvent), allowing other components in an application to be notified when an event (such as adding, deleting, or updating a row or record) occurs on a rowset, such as a change in its value.

For details on the relationship of rowsets, refer to the online publication JDBC Specification 3.0, Final Release, by Jon Ellis, Linda Ho, and Maydene Fisher.

Fig:Rowset Relationships

Rowset Relationships

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