What Are the Relationships Between Key Classes and Interfaces for Rowsets? in JDBC

Figure show the relationships between key classes and interfaces for rowsets.

We can observe the following from Figure:

  • RowSet is a foundation interface for all rowset objects (CachedRowSet, WebRowSet, etc.).
  • RowSet extends ResultSet and RowSetMetaData extends ResultSetMetaData.
  • Every rowset object has an internal object (called InternalRowSet) that enables reading and writing to data sources.
  • The RowSet interface supports JavaBeans events (by using RowSetEvent), allowing other components in an application to be notified when an event (such as adding, deleting, or updating a row or record) occurs on a rowset, such as a change in its value.

For details on the relationship of rowsets, refer to the online publication JDBC Specification 3.0, Final Release, by Jon Ellis, Linda Ho, and Maydene Fisher.

Fig:Rowset Relationships

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