What Are the Advantages of Java Servlets? JDBC

Java servlets have the following advantages over other server extension mechanisms:

  • They typically run inside multithreaded servlet containers that can handle multiple requests concurrently (you have the option to run them single-threaded).
  • They are generally much faster than CGI scripts because a different process model is used (the servlets are not created for every request; they are created once and can handle any number of requests).
  • They use a standard API that is supported by many servlet containers.
  • They have all the advantages of the Java programming language, including Java threads (Java language provides natural concurrent programming support) and ease of development and platform independence.
  • They can access the large set of APIs available for the Java platform.
  • They are extensible—you can inherit all your functionality from the base classes made available to you.
  • They are portable—they run on all platforms (such as UNIX, Linux, Mac, Windows).
  • They can run stand-alone in a servlet runner.
  • Exception handling is built in.
  • Security is built in.
  • They are a single technology solution for applications.
  • They can be interfaced to most other systems (such as JDBC).

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