How Does MySQL's Driver Implement Driver.getPropertyInfo()? JDBC

MySQL’s Connector/J (the JDBC driver for MySQL databases) implements Driver. getPropertyInfo() as follows. I have formatted the syntax to fit the page. The following classes (com.mysql.jdbc.NonRegistering and com.mysql.jdbc.Driver) work together to implement the java.sql.Driver interface. You should study these classes if you are a driver developer rather than an application developer.

Class Definition for com.mysql.jdbc.NonRegistering

package com.mysql.jdbc;
import java.sql.DriverManager;
import java.sql.SQLException;
public class Driver extends NonRegisteringDriver {
public Driver() throws SQLException {
static {
try {
DriverManager.registerDriver(new Driver());
catch(SQLException E) {
throw new RuntimeException("Can't register driver!");

Class Definition for com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

Here, the String objects have been formatted to fit the page:

package com.mysql.jdbc;
import java.sql.*;
import java.util.Properties;
import java.util.StringTokenizer;
public class NonRegisteringDriver implements Driver {
public NonRegisteringDriver() throws SQLException {
public DriverPropertyInfo[] getPropertyInfo(String url, Properties info)
throws SQLException {
if(info == null)
info = new Properties();
if(url != null && url.startsWith("jdbc:mysql://"))
info = parseURL(url, info);
DriverPropertyInfo hostProp =
new DriverPropertyInfo("HOST", info.getProperty("HOST"));
hostProp.required = true;
hostProp.description = "Hostname of MySQL Server";
DriverPropertyInfo portProp =
new DriverPropertyInfo("PORT", info.getProperty("PORT", "3306"));
portProp.required = false;
portProp.description = "Port number of MySQL Server";
DriverPropertyInfo dbProp = new
DriverPropertyInfo("DBNAME", info.getProperty("DBNAME"));
dbProp.required = false;
dbProp.description = "Database name";
DriverPropertyInfo userProp =
new DriverPropertyInfo("user", info.getProperty("user"));
userProp.required = true;
userProp.description = "Username to authenticate as";
DriverPropertyInfo passwordProp =
new DriverPropertyInfo("password", info.getProperty("password"));
passwordProp.required = true;
passwordProp.description = "Password to use for authentication";
DriverPropertyInfo autoReconnect = new DriverPropertyInfo("autoReconnect",
info.getProperty("autoReconnect", "false"));
autoReconnect.required = false;
autoReconnect.choices = (new String[] {
"true", "false"
autoReconnect.description =
"Should the driver try to re-establish bad connections?";
DriverPropertyInfo maxReconnects = new DriverPropertyInfo("maxReconnects",
info.getProperty("maxReconnects", "3"));
maxReconnects.required = false;
maxReconnects.description =
"Maximum number of reconnects to attempt if autoReconnect is true";
DriverPropertyInfo initialTimeout = new DriverPropertyInfo("initialTimeout",
info.getProperty("initialTimeout", "2"));
initialTimeout.required = false;
initialTimeout.description =
"Initial timeout (seconds) to wait between failed connections";
DriverPropertyInfo profileSql = new DriverPropertyInfo("profileSql",
info.getProperty("profileSql", "false"));
profileSql.required = false;
profileSql.choices = (new String[] {
"true", "false"
profileSql.description = "Trace queries and their execution/fetch times on"+
" STDERR (true/false) defaults to false";
DriverPropertyInfo socketTimeout = new DriverPropertyInfo("socketTimeout",
info.getProperty("socketTimeout", "0"));
socketTimeout.required = false;
socketTimeout.description =
"Timeout on network socket operations (0 means no timeout)";
DriverPropertyInfo useSSL = new DriverPropertyInfo("useSSL",
info.getProperty("useSSL", "false"));
useSSL.required = false;
useSSL.choices = (new String[] {
"true", "false"
useSSL.description = "Use SSL when communicating with the server?";
DriverPropertyInfo useCompression = new DriverPropertyInfo("useCompression",
info.getProperty("useCompression", "false"));
useCompression.required = false;
useCompression.choices = (new String[] {
"true", "false"
useCompression.description =
"Use zlib compression when communicating with the server?";
DriverPropertyInfo paranoid = new DriverPropertyInfo("paranoid",
info.getProperty("paranoid", "false"));
paranoid.required = false;
paranoid.choices = (new String[] {
"true", "false"
paranoid.description = "Expose sensitive information in error messages and"+
" clear data structures holding sensitive data when possible?";
DriverPropertyInfo useHostsInPrivileges = new
info.getProperty("useHostsInPrivileges", "true"));
useHostsInPrivileges.required = false;
useHostsInPrivileges.choices = (new String[] {
"true", "false"
useHostsInPrivileges.description = "Add '@hostname' to users in
DriverPropertyInfo interactiveClient = new
info.getProperty("interactiveClient", "false"));
interactiveClient.required = false;
interactiveClient.choices = (new String[] {
"true", "false"
interactiveClient.description =
"Set the CLIENT_INTERACTIVE flag, which tells MySQL to timeout "+
"connections based on INTERACTIVE_TIMEOUT instead of WAIT_TIMEOUT";
DriverPropertyInfo useTimezone = new DriverPropertyInfo("useTimezone",
info.getProperty("useTimezone", "false"));
useTimezone.required = false;
useTimezone.choices = (new String[] {
"true", "false"
useTimezone.description =
"Convert time/date types between client and server timezones";
DriverPropertyInfo serverTimezone = new DriverPropertyInfo("serverTimezone",
info.getProperty("serverTimezone", ""));
serverTimezone.required = false;
serverTimezone.description = "Override detection/mapping of timezone. "+
"Used when timezone from server doesn't map to Java timezone";
DriverPropertyInfo connectTimeout = new DriverPropertyInfo("connectTimeout",
info.getProperty("connectTimeout", "0"));
connectTimeout.required = false;
connectTimeout.description = "Timeout for socket connect (in "+
" milliseconds), with 0 being no timeout. Only works on "+
"JDK-1.4 or newer. Defaults to '0'.";
DriverPropertyInfo queriesBeforeRetryMaster = new
info.getProperty("queriesBeforeRetryMaster", "50"));
queriesBeforeRetryMaster.required = false;
queriesBeforeRetryMaster.description = "Number of queries to issue "+
"before falling back to master when failed over (when using "+
"multi-host failover). Whichever condition is met first, "+
"'queriesBeforeRetryMaster' or 'secondsBeforeRetryMaster' will "+
"cause an attempt to be made to reconnect to the master."+
"Defaults to 50.";
DriverPropertyInfo secondsBeforeRetryMaster = new
info.getProperty("secondsBeforeRetryMaster", "30"));
secondsBeforeRetryMaster.required = false;
secondsBeforeRetryMaster.description = "How long should the driver wait, "+
"when failed over, before attempting to reconnect to the master server? "+
"Whichever condition is met first, 'queriesBeforeRetryMaster' or "+
"'secondsBeforeRetryMaster' will cause an attempt to be made "+
"to reconnect to the master. Time in seconds, defaults to 30";
DriverPropertyInfo useStreamLengthsInPrepStmts = new
info.getProperty("useStreamLengthsInPrepStmts", "true"));
useStreamLengthsInPrepStmts.required = false;
useStreamLengthsInPrepStmts.choices = (new String[] {
"true", "false"
useStreamLengthsInPrepStmts.description = "Honor stream length parameter "+
"in PreparedStatement/ResultSet.setXXXStream() method calls (defaults "+
"to 'true')";
DriverPropertyInfo continueBatchOnError = new
info.getProperty("continueBatchOnError", "true"));
continueBatchOnError.required = false;
continueBatchOnError.choices = (new String[] {
"true", "false"
continueBatchOnError.description = "Should the driver continue "+
"processing batch commands if one statement fails. The JDBC "+
"spec allows either way (defaults to 'true').";
DriverPropertyInfo allowLoadLocalInfile = new
info.getProperty("allowLoadLocalInfile", "true"));
allowLoadLocalInfile.required = false;
allowLoadLocalInfile.choices = (new String[] {
"true", "false"
allowLoadLocalInfile.description = "Should the driver allow use of 'LOAD "+
"DATA LOCAL INFILE...' (defaults to 'true').";
DriverPropertyInfo strictUpdates = new DriverPropertyInfo("strictUpdates",
info.getProperty("strictUpdates", "true"));
strictUpdates.required = false;
strictUpdates.choices = (new String[] {
"true", "false"
strictUpdates.description =
"Should the driver do strict checking (all primary keys selected) "+
"of updatable result sets?...' (defaults to 'true').";
DriverPropertyInfo ignoreNonTxTables = new
info.getProperty("ignoreNonTxTables", "false"));
ignoreNonTxTables.required = false;
ignoreNonTxTables.choices = (new String[] {
"true", "false"
ignoreNonTxTables.description = "Ignore non-transactional table warning "+
"for rollback? (defaults to 'false').";
DriverPropertyInfo clobberStreamingResults = new
info.getProperty("clobberStreamingResults", "false"));
clobberStreamingResults.required = false;
clobberStreamingResults.choices = (new String[] {
"true", "false"
clobberStreamingResults.description = "This will cause a 'streaming' "+
"ResultSet to be automatically closed, and any outstanding data "+
"still streaming from the server to be discarded if another query "+
"is executed before all the data has been read from the server.";
DriverPropertyInfo reconnectAtTxEnd = new
info.getProperty("reconnectAtTxEnd", "false"));
reconnectAtTxEnd.required = false;
reconnectAtTxEnd.choices = (new String[] {
"true", "false"
reconnectAtTxEnd.description = "If autoReconnect is set to true, should "+
"the driver attempt reconnections at the end of every transaction? "+
" (true/false, defaults to false)";
DriverPropertyInfo alwaysClearStream = new
info.getProperty("alwaysClearStream", "false"));
alwaysClearStream.required = false;
alwaysClearStream.choices = (new String[] {
"true", "false"
alwaysClearStream.description = "Should the driver clear any remaining "+
"data from the input stream before issuing a query? Normally not "+
"needed (approx 1-2%\tperf. penalty, true/false, defaults to false)";
DriverPropertyInfo cachePrepStmts = new DriverPropertyInfo("cachePrepStmts",
info.getProperty("cachePrepStmts", "false"));
cachePrepStmts.required = false;
cachePrepStmts.choices = (new String[] {
"true", "false"
cachePrepStmts.description = "Should the driver cache the parsing stage "+
"of PreparedStatements (true/false, default is 'false')";
DriverPropertyInfo prepStmtCacheSize = new
info.getProperty("prepStmtCacheSize", "25"));
prepStmtCacheSize.required = false;
prepStmtCacheSize.description = "If prepared statement caching is "+
"enabled, how many prepared statements should be cached? "+
"(default is '25')";
DriverPropertyInfo prepStmtCacheSqlLimit = new
info.getProperty("prepStmtCacheSqlLimit", "256"));
prepStmtCacheSqlLimit.required = false;
prepStmtCacheSqlLimit.description = "If prepared statement caching is "+
"enabled, what's the largest SQL the driver will cache the "+
"parsing for? (in chars, default is '256')";
DriverPropertyInfo useUnbufferedInput = new
info.getProperty("useUnbufferedInput", "true"));
useUnbufferedInput.required = false;
useUnbufferedInput.description = "Don't use BufferedInputStream for "+
"reading data from the server true/false (default is 'true')";
DriverPropertyInfo dpi[] = {
hostProp, portProp, dbProp, userProp, passwordProp,
autoReconnect, maxReconnects, initialTimeout, profileSql,
socketTimeout, useSSL, paranoid, useHostsInPrivileges,
interactiveClient, useCompression, useTimezone, serverTimezone,
connectTimeout, secondsBeforeRetryMaster,
queriesBeforeRetryMaster, useStreamLengthsInPrepStmts,
continueBatchOnError, allowLoadLocalInfile, strictUpdates,
ignoreNonTxTables, reconnectAtTxEnd, alwaysClearStream,
cachePrepStmts, prepStmtCacheSize, prepStmtCacheSqlLimit,
return dpi;


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