How Does JDBC Define ResultSetMetaData? in JDBC

In this section, I provide ResultSetMetaData’s definition, field summary, and method summary (the output is slightly modified). The J2SE 5.0 documentation defines ResultSetMetaData as “an object that can be used to get information about the types and properties of the columns in a ResultSet object.” The ResultSetMetaData is an interface defined in the java.sql package:

The following code fragment creates the ResultSet object rs, then creates the ResultSetMetaData object rsmd and uses rsmd to find out how many columns rs has and whether the first column in rs can be used in a WHERE clause:

Therefore, the ResultSetMetaData interface provides

  • Information about the types and properties of the DDL properties of a ResultSet object
  • Various methods for finding out information about the structure of a ResultSet object

ResultSetMetaData Field Summary
Table shows the ResultSetMetaData field summary.

Table : ResultSetMetaData Field Summary

ResultSetMetaData Method Summary

Table:shows the ResultSetMetaData method summary.

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