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What is JBoss Fuse Child Container?

A child field presents the easiest way to control the increasing load. while the device is experiencing sudden load in visitors and a single container is not able to cope up with the weight, we are able to without problems create a fixed of child boxes and distribute the load amongst them, in preference to developing a entire new container.

Creating a child Container

Login to FMC using localhost:8181

Now, follow the path: Runtime → container → +Create (button on right hand side)

JBoss Fuse - Child Container

Enter details like child name, parent container quantity of times etc.

JBoss Fuse - Child Container

Click Create And Start Container

JBoss Fuse - Child Container

Managing a Child Container

A child container acts as a normal field only.

Stopping a child container

To prevent a child field, follow the path: Runtime → container → Child1

Click stop to stop the child container.

JBoss Fuse - Child Container

Starting a Child Container

To start a child container, observe the direction: Runtime → container → Child1

Click start to begin the child container.

JBoss Fuse - Child Container

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