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XML Beans is an XML binding tool that has full XML Schema support,and offers full XML Infoset fidelity.It takes a different approach to that of most other O/X mapping frame works, in that all classes that are generated from an XML Schema are all derived from Xml Object, and contain XML binding information in them.

Xml Beans Marshaller

The Xml Beans Marshaller implements both the Marshaller and Un marshaller interfaces.It can be configured as follows:

<bean id="xmlBeansMarshaller" class="org.springframework.oxm.xmlbeans.XmlBeansMarshaller" />

XML Schema-based Configuration

The xmlbeans-marshaller tag configures a org. spring frame work. oxm. xml beans. Xml Beans Marshaller. Here is an example:

<oxm:xmlbeans-marshaller id="marshaller"/>

Available attributes are:-

Available attributes

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