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In addition to declaring aspects in your configuration using either <aop:config> or <aop:aspectj-autoproxy>, it is also possible programmatically to create proxies that advise target objects. Here we want to focus on the ability to automatically create proxies using @AspectJ aspects.

The class org.spring frame work.aop. aspectj. annotation. AspectJ Proxy Factory can be used to create a proxy for a target object that is advised by one or more @AspectJ aspects. Basic usage for this class is very simple, as illustrated below.

// create a factory that can generate a proxy for the given target object
AspectJProxyFactory factory = new AspectJProxyFactory(targetObject);
// add an aspect, the class must be an @AspectJ aspect
// you can call this as many times as you need with different aspects
// you can also add existing aspect instances, the type of the object supplied
must be an @AspectJ aspect
// now get the proxy object...
MyInterfaceType proxy = factory.getProxy();

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