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Before diving into all of the ins and outs of the dynamic language support, let's look at a quick example of a bean defined in a dynamic language. The dynamic language for this first bean is Groovy (the basis of this example was taken from the Spring test suite, so if you want to see equivalent examples in any of the other supported languages, take a look at the source code).

Find below the Messenger interface that the Groovy bean is going to be implementing, and note that this interface is defined in plain Java. Dependent objects that are injected with a reference to the Messenger won't know that the underlying implementation is a Groovy script.package org.springframework.scripting;
public interface Messenger {
String getMessage();

Here is the definition of a class that has a dependency on the Messenger interface.

package org.springframework.scripting;
public class DefaultBookingService implements BookingService {
private Messenger messenger;
public void setMessenger(Messenger messenger) {
this.messenger = messenger;
public void processBooking() {
// use the injected Messenger object...
} Here is an implementation of the Messenger interface in Groovy.
// from the file 'Messenger.groovy'
package org.springframework.scripting.groovy;
// import the Messenger interface (written in Java)
that is to be implemented
import org.springframework.scripting.Messenger
// define the implementation in Groovy
class GroovyMessenger implements Messenger {
String message

The bookingService bean (a DefaultBookingService) can now use its private messenger member variable as normal because the Messenger instance that was injected into it is a Messenger instance. There is nothing special going on here, just plain Java and plain Groovy.

Hopefully the above XML snippet is self-explanatory, but don't worry unduly if it isn't. Keep reading for the in-depth detail on the whys and wherefores of the above configuration.

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