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When talking about plugins, the concept of MIME types is central.MIME stands for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension,a simple text string originally designed to determine the format of e-mail attachments.From that humble beginning, MIME types (also called content types) have grown into the de facto standard for identifying file formats on the Internet.

Each MIME type is made up of a media type and a subtype. The media type can be application, image, audio, video, text, message, model, and multipart. The subtype is typically a more unique identifier,specifying anything from the type of compression scheme used to the file extension. The media type and subtype are separated by a forward-slash (/), such as text/css, which tells the browser (or other Internet application) that the file is plain text and is also a CSS style sheet.Browser plugins work by mapping themselves to specific MIME types, telling the browser that when this specific type of file has to be handled, it should be done by the plugin.

Naturally,several MIME types are handled by the browser itself, such as text/javascript(JavaScript files), text/css (CSS style sheets), image/gif (GIF-encoded images), image/jpeg (JPEG-encoded images),text/xml (XML files), and text/html(HTML files). Many others, however, are handled by plugins.

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