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As discussed earlier,events are a part of the Document Object Model (DOM). Unfortunately, as also discussed previously, no events are defined in DOM Level 1 and only in a subset in DOM Level 2.The full development of events occurred in DOM Level 3,which was finalized in 2004.With few standards to guide them early on, browsers developers were left to invent their own event models.Internet Explorer first created and implemented its own event model in version 4.0(circa 1995)and hasn’t altered it significantly since that time.Of course,no DOM standards existed at that point,which means Internet Explorer still uses what can be considered a proprietary event model.Some of its design, however,was eventually folded in the DOM.

When Netscape released its source code into the open source community under the name Mozilla,a key aim of the developers was to adhere to as many of the standards as possible.When there were gaps in the standards,the Mozilla group looked at working drafts of the standards to fill them.Because of this, Mozilla’s event model closely follows the DOM standards.Latecomers Opera and Safari have also recently embraced the DOM standard event model, leaving Internet Explorer as the main browser without proper support for the DOM event model.But even with different DOM implementations between browsers,some basic characteristics remain the same.

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