What Is a Pattern? J2EE

Some experts define a pattern as a recurring solution to a problem in a context. These terms—context, problem,and solution—deserve a bit of explanation. First, what is a context? A context is the environment, surroundings, situation,or interrelated conditions within which something exists. Second, what is a problem? A problem is an unsettled question, something that needs to be investigated and solved. Typically, the problem is constrained by the context in which it occurs. Finally,the solution refers to the answer to the problem in a context that helps resolve the issues.

So,if we have a solution to a problem in a context,is it a pattern? Not necessarily. The characteristic of recurrence also needs to be associated with the definition of a pattern. That is,a pattern is only useful if it can be applied repeatedly. Is that all? Perhaps not. As you can see,while the concept of a pattern is fairly simple,actually defining the term is more complex.

We point you to the references so that you can dig more deeply into the pattern history and learn about patterns in other areas. In our catalog,a pattern is described according to its main characteristics: context, problem,and solution, along with other important aspects,such as forces and consequences.

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