The Tiered Approach J2EE

Since this catalog describes patterns that help you build applications that run on the J2EE platform, and since a J2EE platform(and application)is a multitiered system, we view the system in terms of tiers. A tier is a logical partition of the separation of concerns in the system. Each tier is assigned its unique responsibility in the system.

We view each tier as logically separated from one another. Each tier is loosely coupled with the adjacent tier. We represent the whole system as a stack of tiers. See Figure .

Tiered approach

Tiered approach

Client Tier

This tier represents all device or system clients accessing the system or the application. A client can be a Web browser,a Java or other application,a Java applet, a WAP phone, a network application, or some device introduced in the future. It could even be a batch process.

Presentation Tier

This tier encapsulates all presentation logic required to service the clients that access the system. The presentation tier intercepts the client requests, provides single sign-on,conducts session management, controls access to business services,constructs the responses, and delivers the responses to the client. Servlets and JSPs reside in this tier. Note that servlets and JSPs are not themselves UI elements, but they produce UI elements.

Business Tier

This tier provides the business services required by the application clients. The tier contains the business data and business logic. Typically, most business processing for the application is centralized into this tier. It is possible that, due to legacy systems,some business processing may occur in the resource tier. Enterprise bean components are the usual and preferred solution for implementing the business objects in the business tier.

Integration Tier

This tier is responsible for communicating with external resources and systems such as data stores and legacy applications. The business tier is coupled with the integration tier whenever the business objects require data or services that reside in the resource tier. The components in this tier can use JDBC,J2EE connector technology, or some proprietary middleware to work with the resource tier.

Resource Tier

This is the tier that contains the business data and external resources such as mainframes and legacy systems,business-to-business(B2B) integration systems, and services such as credit card authorization.

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