Relationship to Known Patterns - J2EE

There is a wealth of software pattern documentation available today. The patterns in these different books are at various levels of abstraction. There are architecture patterns, design patterns,analysis patterns,and programming patterns. The most popular and influential of these books is Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software,better known as the Gang of Four, or GoF book. The patterns in the GoF book describe expert solutions for object design.

Our pattern catalog includes patterns that describe the structure of an application and others that describe design elements.

The unifying theme of the pattern catalog is its support of the J2EE platform. In some cases,the patterns in the catalog are based on or related to an existing pattern in the literature. In these cases, we communicate this relationship by referencing the existing pattern in the name of the J2EE pattern and/or including a reference and citation of each pattern description. For example,some patterns are based on GoF patterns but are considered in a J2EE context. In those cases, the J2EE pattern name includes the GoF pattern name as well as a reference to the GoF pattern in the related patterns section.

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