Create Project Use Case - J2EE

In this use case, the administrator creates a project. See Figure. The project contains information such as the start and end dates, customer name, and skills required.

Create Project use case

Create Project use case
Pattern Identification

We use the following presentation patterns:

  • Intercepting Filter— A filter checks user privileges for creating a project.
  • Front Controller— A controller acts as the initial point of contact for generating the form for project creation, and subsequently handles submission of this form. The controller delegates project creation-related processing to its helpers, which in turn delegate much of this processing to the business tier.
  • View Helper— The view delegates to its helpers in order to generate dynamic portions of the display.
  • Composite View— The view includes a header and a footer to create the Create Project page. This is a very simple example of a composite view.

We use the following business patterns:

  • Business Delegate— A business delegate interacts with the business tier for creating a project.
  • Service Locator— A business delegate uses a service locator to look up the project components.
  • Session Facade— The business delegate interacts with a session bean, which interacts with the project entity when creating a project.
  • Value Object— A project value object encapsulates the project data, which is passed from the presentation tier to the business tier.

We use the following integration pattern:

  • Data Access Object— A data access object abstracts and encapsulates access to the project tables.

Figure Pattern Identificationshows the pattern framework for the Create Project use case. It shows the patterns used in presentation, business, and integration.

Create Project pattern framework

Pattern Realization

Figure shows the realized patterns for the Create Project use case. This diagram provides a breakdown by tiers. The following list matches the name of an implementation class with the pattern from which it is realized

  • Presentation—The Create Project form is shown in Figure
  • Business
  • Integration

Create Project realized patterns

Create Project realized patterns
Create Project Form

Create Project Form

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