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Improves Application Partitioning, Reuse, and Maintainability

Using helpers results in a cleaner separation of the view from the business processing in an application. The helpers, in the form of JavaBeans (JSP 1.0+) and custom tags(JSP 1.1+), provide a place external to the view to encapsulate business logic. Otherwise, scriptlet code clutters the JSP, a cumbersome and unwieldy situation, especially in larger projects.

Additionally, business logic that is factored out of JSPs and into JavaBeans and custom tags is reused, reducing duplication and easing maintenance.

Improves Role Separation

Separating formatting logic from application business logic reduces dependencies that individuals fulfilling different roles might have on the same resources. For example, a software developer might own code that is embedded within HTML markup, while a Web production team member might need to modify page layout and design components that are intermingled with business logic. Neither individual fulfilling these roles may be familiar with the implementation specifics of the other individual's work, thus raising the likelihood of accidental modifications introducing bugs into the system.

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