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You’re a web designer who is new to jQuery, and you’re having trouble with the syntax of an if/else statement. You know it must be a simple problem, and before asking on the jQuery mailing list, you do your homework: you search the jQuery documentation and find nothing. Web searches for terms like jquery if else statement are n’t proving helpful either.
You also need to split an email address into two parts, separating it at the @sign. You’ve heard that there is a function to split strings, but there does n’t seem to be any information in the jQuery documentation about this either.
Is jQuery really that poorly documented?


The if/else statement and the .split() method for strings are part of JavaScript, not
part of jQuery.
So, these web searches will turn up more useful results:

JavaScript experts, please don’t bite the newbies.Newbies, don’t feel bad if you’ve scratched your head over something like this.If you’re an old pro at JavaScript, you may laugh at these questions. But they come up fairly often on the jQuery mailing list, and understandably so. jQuery is designed to make simple JavaScript coding so easy that someone who’s never programmed before can pick up the basics and add useful effects to a page, without having to learn a “real” programming language.
But jQuery is JavaScript. jQuery itself is 100% pure JavaScript code, and every line of jQuery you write is also a line of JavaScript.
You can indeed get many simple tasks done with jQuery without really understanding its relationship to JavaScript, but the more you learn about the underlying language,the more productive—and less frustrating—your jQuery experience will be.

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