Selecting Tests to Run - J Query

When debugging a failing test, it can be a huge waste of time to rerun the entire test suite after every little change to your code just to see whether a single test now passes.


QUnit offers URL filtering to select the tests to run. This works best when combined with modules. You can run just the tests from a given module by appending a query string with the module name to the test suite URL. For example,
test.html?validation will run all tests in the module named validation:

You can combine tests from various modules by specifying multiple modules at once, delimited with the ampersand; e.g., test.html?validation&tooltip would run tests that contain validation or tooltip.
You can exclude tests using the exclamation mark; e.g., test.html?!validation would run all tests except those from the validation module.
Instead of manually modifying the URL, you can also double-click any of the test results to rerun just that test. QUnit will use the same filtering mechanism by appending the name of the test to the current location.

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