Selecting DOM Elements Within a Specified Context - J Query

You need a reference to a single DOM element or a set of DOM elements in the context of another DOM element or document in order to operate on the element(s) using jQuery methods.


The jQuery function when passed a CSS expression will also accept a second parameter that tells the jQuery function to which context it should search for the DOM elements based on the expression. The second parameter in this case can be a DOM reference, jQuery wrapper, or document. In the following code, there are 12 <input>elements.
Notice how I use a specific context, based on the <form>element, to select only particular <input>elements:

It’s also possible, as mentioned in the solution of this recipe, to select documents as the context for searching. For example, it’s possible to search within the context of anXML document that is sent back from doing an XHR request (Ajax).

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