Making Your Pages Accessible - J Query

You’re building a web application with complex widgets and lots of Ajax functionality,but you want to accommodate visitors with disabilities.


Add keyboard accessibility and Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) semantics to your widgets. In the following code, the changes to support these features are indicated in bold:

We’ve added several useful features with just a small amount of additional code:

  • We added ARIA semantics (role and aria-labelledby) so that assistive technology devices such as screen readers know that our <div>is a dialog and not just additional content on the page.
  • We placed the keyboard focus in the dialog’s first input field when it opens. This is helpful for all your visitors, sighted and non sighted alike.
  • We moved the keyboard focus back to the Add Users link when the dialog closes.
  • We allowed the dialog to be canceled with the Escape key.

ARIA is a work in progress, so browser and screen reader support for it is still limited.But by adding it now, you’ll be better prepared for those visitors who can use it. And improved keyboard access benefits all your visitors.

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