ITouch Interview Questions & Answers

ITouch Interview Questions

ITouch is an internet technology owned by Apple Inc. It is an emerging technology one can choose with no alternate thought. If you are looking for a ITouch job, you are at a right place. It is a patented technology which will be an add-on to the Internet functionality.The iTouch, when used with features accessed via the iTouch Web site. We can append this iTouch software to be used directly in launching the most useful applications namely Ipod, Iphone and Apple products. One can check the availability of the job across various cities. Wisdomjobs created interview questions exclusively for the candidates who are in search of job. Do check our page for ITouch job interview questions and answers to get set for the interview.

ITouch Interview Questions And Answers

ITouch Interview Questions
    1. Question 1. Explain About Itouch Hardware?

      Answer :

      A slim rounded rectangle edges with a glass touch display. It covers most of the top surface and the physical home button off the screen

      • The display functions are similar to multi-touch trackpad.
      • FingerWorks developed the technology fortouch and gesture features of the iTouch

    2. Question 2. What Are The Requirements Of Itouch?

      Answer :

      A computer system for initial configuration for syncing media and installing system software updates.

      • Mac OS X or Windows OS based computer system for the purpose of configuring iTouch.
      • A USB port for connecting iTouch on either of the operating systems
      • The 2nd generation iTouch can be charged from the 5V pin of the dock connector
      • An iTunes Music Store account is to be created compulsorily for buying products at the iTunes Music Store through Wi-Fi.

    3. Question 3. How To Use Mytalk App In Itouch?

      Answer :

      Get the iTouch phone

      • Get the MyTalk App from App Store
      • Sign up at
      • Login to MyTalk on iTouch and then Sync
      • Begin authoring.

    4. Question 4. What Is Jailbreaking The Ipod Touch?

      Answer :

      Jailbreaking is breaking the protection on the iPod.

      • Making changes to the device
      • Allowing 3rd party programs to be installed.
      • Jailbreaking allows users to perform certain actions that Apple doesn't approved of.

    5. Question 5. How To Delete Applications From Itouch?

      Answer :

      • Touch and hold the application. A cross will appear on apps which can be deleted
      • Press the cross to delete.
      • When the icons are wobbling, drag the icon to a location to re-arrange them
      • After deleting or re-arranging the apps, press the home button.

    6. Question 6. What Is Mytalk?

      Answer :

      • Patented as Augmentative/Alternative Communication software
      • Companion web applications for iTouch
      • Enables users with expressive language challenges for communicating with community

    7. Question 7. What Is Itouch?

      Answer :

      • The iTouch is a PDA, portable media player and Wi-Fi mobile platform.
      • It adds an interface by name multi-touch graphical user interface to the iPod line.
      • It is the first iPod available with wireless access to the iTunes Store.
      • It has access to AppStore, This enables the content to be purchased and downloaded directly on the device.

    8. Question 8. What Is The Difference Between The Nd Generation And Rd Generation Of Itouch?

      Answer :

      • Faster processor is available for 3G iTouch
      • Voice Control
      • FM Radio
      • Stereo Bluetooth
      • Faster Wi-Fi

    9. Question 9. List Some Of The Specifications Of Itouch?

      Answer :

      • Screen size - 3.5 inches
      • Screen material - Glass
      • Screen resolution - 320 x 480 pixel at 163 ppi, with 3.2 aspect ratio
      • OS : iPhone OS
      • Memory storage - 8,32 and 64 GB flash memory
      • CPU : ARM 400 MHz, and ARM 412 MHz, ARM 533 MHz, ARM Cortex-A8 833
      • RAM: 128 or 256 DRAM
      • Wi-Fi(802.11 b/g
      • Built-in lithium battery with 6hrs. of video playback and upto 36 hrs. of audio
      • Built-in audio speaker
      • 3.5 mm audio output jack

    10. Question 10. Explain About Itouch Software?

      Answer :

      • The available applications are listed as a set of icons on home screen
      • Music, Videos, Photos, iTunes, Calander, Clock, Calcuctor, Settings are incuded in iTouch.
      • Recent versions include Maps, Mail, Stocks, Notes and Weather.
      • Using Web Clips, direct links can be added to web site.

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