How to run the effective Pilot - ITIL Configuration Management

An important thing is that when you are executing a pilot, we will be under constant observation .Each success and failure will reflect not only the pilot but also the sponsors and the wider organisation. Success of the pilot is a critical component for going forward and can lay the foundation for the entire future effort.

One should start pilot project slowly and publicly and celebrate small victories.These small successes will communicate to everyone that the effort is valuable and that you will achieve the larger goals of the pilot. While the pilot is executing, be sure to actively look for ways to improve. A quick adjustment to a process or a fast change to the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) schema when done in pilot might be able to save thousands of dollars or hundreds of hours in the future.

To make a change, you should have an abbreviated control mechanism. During the pilot, just like during the full production configuration management service, you should be looking constantly for ways to check the accuracy of data. If there is any incorrect data, get it corrected. During pilot, you should have the luxury of double checking nearly everything. Because the set of data you’re managing is intentionally small, you should be able to add extra steps to validate it frequently. Make that extra effort to ensure the success of the pilot and a solid foundation for your CMDB.



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