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Communication might have been useful during planning and while running the pilot, but it is crucial during deployment. A communication plan is a matrix, the rows indicate the different messages that need to be communicated. The columns are the audience that needs to know about configuration management.

Where ever the row and column intersect, that cell can be used to deliver a message to the audience or that can be left blank if there is no message to be conveyed.

Messages are distinct bits of information you want to send at various times throughout the deployment. If you’re doing a physical inventory to gather configuration data, one message will be an announcement to the people who normally work in that area, so they can be aware of what you’re doing. Any message that the team needs to be shared with the organization should be framed as a message in the communication plan. It is important to keep track of these communications to make sure they happen and as a record in case someone comes back to say they weren’t informed about the project.The full matrix with messages and audiences is shown in Figure.

full matrix with messages and audiences

A communication plan consists of a set of messages delivered to a set of audiences.

The messages will be communicated to audience .If there are same set of messages that need to go to two different set of audiences, it makes sense to combine those into a single audience for the sake of the communication plan.

The rule of thumb for messages is that they should have enough content to fill a single page, but no more.After you determine the correct messages and lay them into a grid with the right audiences, it is time to think about how you communicate. More urgent communications might require that you send an email to every member of the target audience. The format information should be documented in each cell of the communication plan matrix.

People tend to hear and comprehend messages best when they need to know work out the correct timingfor the delivery of each message and use that to interlock your communication plan with your overall project plan. Whether you actually put tasks in the project schedule or just work from the communication plan matrix doesn’t matter as long as the communications go out at the right times.

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