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Standard reports can be used for a wide variety of things, but they represent only half the power of configuration management data. Instead of waiting for the monthly reports to be produced, many people are going to adhoc queries which they want to run on demand.

One very common use for ad hoc queries against the CMDB is to analyze environments for single points of failure. Essentially, this is an attempt to proactively identify the risk of failure in a given environment so those risks can be avoided.

Analysis of single point of failure begins with the environment report .This report can be very broad to cover to whole organization or very narrow to focus on few CI’s.

The more IT experience your team has, the more failures you’re likely to have experienced, and thus the better your analysis can be. For each failure that has a nontrivial chance of happening, prepare a risk statement. The statement must include estimate of the likelihood of this particular failure. After preparation of all the risk statements and reviewing them, we can formulate an action plan. This action plan should address those risks and in some cases a single action might address multiple risks. All the above things put together form your single point of failure gives an example of failure.

simple CAD environment

Even a simple CAD environment can have many points of failure.

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