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The process deployment is the first visible sign that configuration management is taken seriously. Poor perceptions of the quality of the deployment will result in lower expectations of the overall configuration management process. Lower expectations cause people to try less to follow the process, which will ultimately result in the failure of your configuration management service. Table summarizes different ways you can demonstrate your configuration management process.

Methods of Assessing Process Effectiveness

Methods of Assessing Process Effectiveness

One way is to certify people in the key roles and assume certified people will make the overall effort successful. Another way is to evaluate your education efforts by asking all participants to complete an end of course survey. Surveys can tap into the psyche of the organization and be an accurate predictor of that phenomenon while there is still time to correct it. Thus surveys can help to evaluate how well the process is working, either directly after implementation or later when the process has been running for a while.

Process implementation is also the perfect time to build in measurements that will allow you to know how faithfully the processes are being followed. Some organizations might go so far as to tie the measurements to the compensation of the key people involved in executing the process.

In addition to process measurements, you can also assess the impact of the process deployment by doing occasional compliance checks. Simply pick a piece of the process that you want to focus on, and track a set of executions across that part of the process. Talk with the auditors about how they choose the scope of the audit, watch them as they send out audit notifications, work with them as the audit results come back, help them compare the results against expectations, and generally follow the whole course of the audit.

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