How to evaluate the Pilot - ITIL Concepts

After the pilot has completed, take stock before rushing on to production. You should evaluate the pilot not just for success or failure, but for lessons that can be learned and improvements that should be made. The evaluation step should help not just to improve your configuration management service, but to help other IT projects in their pilot efforts in the future. Figure depicts the components of a complete assessment, which are discussed in the following paragraphs.

The evaluation begins with an analysis of the measurements you decided to track. The measurements should show what is working well and what is not working as well as expected. Use all measurements taken during the entire pilot to compile an overall assessment, including strengths and weaknesses, action plans, and recommendations to proceed or wait. This assessment should be reviewed by the team first, and then provided to your sponsors as a summary of the pilot project.

How to evaluate the Pilot

There are several key components in a good pilot assessment.

The assessment should also have comments on unexpected benefits. Spend some time thinking about your benefits to the other operational processes that have occurred due to implementing configuration management. And should also document any issues that are not covered in pilot .In its conclusion, it should also provide information about how your project achieved acceptance criteria.

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