iText Interview Questions & Answers

iText Interview Questions

IText Interview Questions And Answers

    1. Question 1. What Is Itext Ussd?

      Answer :

      iText USSD on your phone uses Unstructured Supplementary Services Data. This technology allows you to browse text menus and find a wealth of information on your phone, simply by dialling a number (*120*494*777*YOUR SCHOOL'S CODE#). 

    2. Question 2. How Does It Work?

      Answer :

      Using iText is like making a phone call to the school's website (Simply dial *120*494*777*YOUR SCHOOL'S CODE#). USSD maintains an open session while you are on the line, similar to you dialling someone and receiving information from them - you are not sending individual SMS messages. During the session you are able to browse through text menus and choose items you want to view. Sessions last a maximum of 3 minutes but you can redial and come back to where you left off.

    3. Question 3. How Do I Get Itext On My Phone?

      Answer :

      There is no set-up required to get iText on your phone. Simply dial the access code (*120*494*777*YOUR SCHOOL'S CODE#) and press your phone's CALL button. You will be connected to iText and will be able to browse immediately.

    4. Question 4. How Do I Make A Menu Item Selection?

      Answer :

      On your phone the screen will display an "ANSWER" or "REPLY" button (see handsets above). Take note of the number on the menu to which you want to go. Press the ANSWER/REPLY key, type in the number of the menu item and press the SEND Key. The next menu or the content will be displayed.  

    5. Question 5. Do I Have To Sign A Contract?

      Answer :

      There is no contract required to get iText on your phone. Simply dial the service code (*120*494*777*YOUR SCHOOL'S CODE#) and press your phone's CALL button. You will be connected to iText and will be given clickable options depending on your service provider. 

    6. Question 6. How Do I "dial" *120*494*777*your School's Code#?

      Answer :

      Simply input *120*494*777*YOUR SCHOOL'S CODE# - the "YOUR SCHOOL'S CODE" portion is the last four digits making your school's menu unique and would have been communicated to you by your school.

      once you have keyed in the code, press the CALL button on your phone and you will be connected to iText.

    7. Question 7. How Does My Handset Work With Ussd?

      Answer :

      USSD works on a basis of the following process:

      • dial a service code (*120*494*777*YOUR SCHOOL'S CODE#)
      • view the menu given (scroll down to view more information)
      • press the answer/reply key as displayed on the screen
      • input your menu selection
      • press the send/reply key as displayed on the screen
      • the next menu or information requested will be displayed on your screen

      However, each handset functions slightly differently. Below are some manufacturer instructions, but if your particular handset works differently to the rough 

      guidelines given, use the basic principles above or the instructions below to guide you through the process but experiment until you have it functioning.

    8. Question 8. How Do I Make A Menu Number Selection If My Phone Only Gives Me Text?

      Answer :

      The input required on the iText system is numerical. Some phones default to text when inputting information into USSD systems. To get your phone to type digits “toggle” between the text and numerical display by either pressing the number key multiple times until the digit is displayed (for example the 2 key: a-b-c-2 OR the 7 key: p-q-r-s-7) or hold down the “toggle key” so that the display on your phone’s screen changes from abc to 123 and then key in your number. 

    9. Question 9. Why Does It Hang Me Up When I Make My Menu Selection?

      Answer :

      If you make the selection without "telling the phone" that you are about to make a selection, it will not understand the selection and will hang you up.

      Before you make your selection you have to prompt the system that you are about to send an answer. Each handset manufacturer displays the instruction on the phone above the relevant activation key. For example on a Nokia phone, press the "ANSWER" key and then input your selection. The "ANSWER" key will now be labelled "SEND". 

      Press the "SEND" key to complete your choice.

      See different handset manufacturer instructions. 

    10. Question 10. How Do I Go Back To Previous Menu Items?

      Answer :

      If you want to return to a previous menu at any stage, press the ANSWER/REPLY key, then 0, followed by SEND. The previous level menu will be displayed.

    11. Question 11. Why Do I Get Cut Off In The Middle Of Browsing Itext?

      Answer :

      The cell networks implement a 3-minute cut-off of any call to a USSD service. This is not an iText function, but rather something that is implemented by the networks. 

      However, if you redial the iText service code (*120*494*777*YOUR SCHOOL'S CODE#) again within 15 minutes of being disconnected, you will find yourself at the same menu at which you were cut off. This saves you having to re-navigate to where you were cut off.

    12. Question 12. When I Redial The Service Code, Why Do I Get Taken To Where I Was Instead Of To The Main Menu?

      Answer :

      When the networks cut you off after 3 minutes and you return within 15 minutes you will be taken to the same menu at which you were cut off. This saves you having to re-navigate to where you were cut off.

    13. Question 13. How Do I Save My School's Access Code To My Phonebook?

      Answer :

      Simply go to your phonebook or address book and enter a new listing, call it whatever you want (we suggest: "iText" or "Your School's Name" if it fits) and then input the access code in full using digits: *120*494*777*YOUR SCHOOL'S CODE#. Press Save and it is there for use anytime anywhere and you don't even have to remember the code in future!

      3 easy steps to Get Started.Contact us to reserve your own iText Access CodeCustomise your Schools InformationShare Your Unique iText Access Code with your Parents.

    14. Question 14. I'm An Integrator. Why Should I Include The Itext License In My Offering?

      Answer :

      Because as an integrator:

      • you and your customer can benefit from reduced quantity pricing (OEM) 
      • you have direct access to the PDF expertise of iText Software to make sure our developers make the right design decisions
      • requests for future features will be taken into account by iText Software when making decisions about the technical roadmap
      • you may receive leads from iText Software for future integrations iText Software is a software publisher. The implementation portion of the business is yours if you are willing to learn and implement iText as a value added reseller. 

      However, we'll always recommend companies to work with an integrator that has a business relationship with us.

    15. Question 15. When Can I Use Itext's Agpl V3 Version?

      Answer :

      If you release an application that uses iText and release it under an AGPL v3 compatible license, you can use the AGPL version of iText. If in doubt, you can contact sales. We would also like to hear from your AGPL projects and listen to your user cases.

    16. Question 16. Why Should I Pay For Itext? Isn't It An Open Source Pdf Library?

      Answer :

      "Open source" is not the same as "free". Open source just means that the code can be modified because its design is publicly accessible. That is a big plus for developers. Alas, anything involving humans is never free. Software costs money to create and improve.

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