The Preferences Interface IPHONE APPS

The Settings application implements a hierarchical set of pages for navigating application preferences. The main page of the Settings application displays the system and third-party applications whose preferences can be customized. Selecting a third-party application takes the user to the preferences for that application.

Each application has at least one page of preferences, referred to as the main page. If your application has only a few preferences, the main page may be the only one you need. If the number of preferences gets too large to fit on the main page, however, you can add more pages. These additional pages become child pages of the main page. The user accesses them by tapping on a special type of preference, which links to the new page.

Each preference you display must be of a specific type. The type of the preference defines how the Settings application displays that preference. Most preference types identify a particular type of control that is used to set the preference value. Some types provide a way to organize preferences, however. Table lists the different element types supported by the Settings application and how you might use each type to implement your own preference pages.

Preference element types

Preference element types

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