Drawing with OpenGL ES IPHONE APPS

The Open Graphics Library (OpenGL) is a cross-platform C-based interface used to create 2D and 3D content on desktop systems. It is typically used by games developers or anyone needing to perform drawing with high frame rates. You use OpenGL functions to specify primitive structures such as points, lines, and polygons and the textures and special effects to apply to those structures to enhance their appearance. The functions you call send graphics commands to the underlying hardware, where they are then rendered. Because rendering is done mostly in hardware, OpenGL drawing is usually very fast.

OpenGL for Embedded Systems is a pared-down version of OpenGL that is designed for mobile devices and takes advantage of modern graphics hardware. If you want to create OpenGL content for iPhone OS–based devices— that is, iPhone or iPod Touch— you’ll use OpenGL ES. The OpenGL ES framework (OpenGLES.framework) provided with iPhone OS supports both the OpenGL ES v1.1 and OpenGL ES v2.0 specifications.

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