Drawing Text IPHONE APPS

In addition to the UIKit classes for displaying and editing text, iPhone OS also includes several ways to draw text directly on the screen. The easiest and most efficient way to draw simple strings is using the UIKit additions to the NSString class. These extensions include methods for drawing strings using a variety of attributes wherever you want them on the screen. There are also methods for computing the size of a rendered string before you actually draw it, which can help you lay out your application content more precisely.

When you need to draw custom text strings in your interface, use the methods of NSString to do so. UIKit includes extensions to the basic NSString class that allow you to draw strings in your views. These methods allow you to adjust the position of the rendered text precisely and blend it with the rest of your view’s content. The methods of this class also let you compute the bounding rectangle for your text in advance based on the desired font and style attributes. If you need more control over the fonts you plan to use during drawing, you can also use the functions of the Core Graphics framework to do your drawing. The Core Graphics frameworks provides methods for the precise drawing and placement of glyphs and text.

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