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What is iOS - Twitter & Facebook?

Twitter and Facebook has been integrated in iOS 5.0 and ios 6.0 respectively. Our section mainly focuses on using the classes which are provided by Apple and the deployment targets for Twitter and Facebook.

Steps Involved

  • Step 1. We need to create a simple view-based application.
  • Step 2. We need toselect your project file, then select targets and then add Social.framework and Accounts.framework in choose frameworks.
  • Step 3.We need to add two buttons named facebookPost and twitterPost and create ibActions for them.
  • Step 4. We need to update ViewController.h as follows −

  • Step 5. Update ViewController.m as follows −


On running the application and click facebookPost, we will get the below result −

iOS - Twitter & Facebook

When we click twitterPost, we would get the below result −

iOS - Twitter & Facebook

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