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What is “You Win, I Win” Technique?

Whenever you are handling a discussion, the most important fact you need to keep in mind is the other person who is conversing with you has an equal opportunity to express his opinion and an equal right to present his view his points. While you were fully prepared and promote with the facts, at certain situations, there could be some reasons to oppose your facts and views by the other person.

Some individuals might be on their long standing beliefs, of them could be his own long-held beliefs, reluctant to change or adapt to circumstances or they felt like to be threatened or frightened in the presence of someone who is more intelligent and refuses other person’s facts to dominate his thought.


We don’t know what are the factors that influence a person in opposing certain things that are said to be right or those things that are agreeable does not give any sense but having a fight with them and always accepting to be right is a very bad performance towards knowing. Alternatively, performing right at all the times with your facts and figures, it is better to convey his points and give to the discussion so that the other person can also feels that his words also gives equal

There are certain situations when you have to just admit a point or two, just so that the discussion, and eventually the deal, does not fail. It is not that much important that you have to compromise on important points, but you need to see that the discussion on both sides win. When such circumstances like these arise, it is better to accept few changes rather than giving up on the deal on both the sides.

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