Putting Your Opinion Forward - Interpersonal Skills

What is putting your opinion forward?

When you attend a meeting or social events, people offer you to have a word to the discussion. In certain situations you need to notice that even though it is very important to realize that even if your opinions might be genuine and accurate, they might get hurt the beliefs of a many individuals who could not accept your views. Even if your statement is correct in your opinion, some people get vexed up by your straightforward statements.

In such cases, it is always recommended to be in a tactful way. There could find nothing inappropriate if two different individuals oppose on a particular point. But the purpose of your disagreeable thoughts should be in such a way that the listeners will decide the statement, and not you. This art is called agreeably disagreeing or constructive disagreeing.


In a constructive disagreement, when you face really intelligent and energetic people in a meeting, you need to be very careful that when personal egos and preconceptions don’t inundate the discussion. Interpersonal Skills Worksheet-I

The main target of every agreement or disagreement is to facilitate improvement and great achievement, and not resolving personal scores or gaining superiority over another person. There should be mutual understanding for all the participants, even if their opinions are disagreeable with yours.

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