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What is Active Listening? How does it help in Interpersonal Skills?

The most common skills that you need to be aware of when you converse with other person is speaking and listening skills. Communication actually depends on two-way process in which active listening and speaking skills include. Both listening and speaking skills plays significant role in communication. A person who speaks fluently does not imply that he is a good listener. So, people who speaking fluently without listening will downfall any type of conversation and would not be effective. A person who concentrates, listens, understands what was being spoken by other person is termed as active listening.

The source of sound appears in the form of sound waves in our surroundings that we can hear. Listening, on the other hand, implies making sounds that include attentiveness and also comprehends the words spoken, scan them, explicate them, and act accordingly.


In brief, we can say that hearing requires only the brain, but listening requires the mind to understand any conversation. Active listening helps a person to concentrate and understand of what the person is being spoken, which in other case will help you to approach at the most suitable conclusion.

Besides that, it is very important to note that communication runs successfully and develops sympathetic, mutual image in the speaker’s mind. The person on the other hand will recognize you as a caring, attentive and active listener who pays attention to details. As we have seen that Insurance Advisors and Investment Bankers all over the world have gain control over this art as they knew that customers would talk about the future earnings and investments which is very sensitive information to most of the people.

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