Influencing People's Thoughts - Interpersonal Skills

How do you influence People’s thoughts?

You might have observed the person who performs hypnotising on an unlucky person of the audience on the stage. It is his art and acquired skills through practising. By seeing that you would have been thinking that if I would have the skill like that. You often get influenced by seeing the people like that.

It is very true that we do not have the power to perceive telepathically, the person who influences the people could give a deep perception into the way they analyse and react, which helps you in getting closer to them in an acceptable way. This helps to perceive their business and personal environment, purpose to know their business needs, personal feelings, and ethics.


Active listening and very keen observation are the skills that you need to develop to make the other people persuade. Sending unconscious messages when we interact and reading in between the lines might give us clue that we were looking so far.

Empathy, also known as "putting yourself in someone's shoes to see where the stone pinches", is a popular saying that if you just place yourself in other’s shoes for a second you could analyse it is not that much easy as it seems to be for you. It implies as an effective way of interpreting the other person’s problems that he wants to share with you. Analysing and identifying his needs will make him to think about you as caring and lovable person.

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