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A domain name is referred to the part of the internet address that is after “www”. Consider,, here the domain name is

Domain name represents your Business Address and it should be easy to remember, care should be taken to select a domain name.

Domain Extensions

Top level domain names are the final letter at the end of the internet address. They are read from right to left and the part after dot has the highest hierarchy.

Below table depicts the Generic Top-Level Domain names:

Domain Meaning
.com Commercial Business
.edu Education
.gov U.S. government agency
.int International Entity
.mil U.S. military
.net Networking organization
.org Non profit organization

Registering Domain Name

It is very simple process for registering a Domain Name. Below are the steps to follow to get the domain name needed.

Think a name that justifies your business needs and find out the available names by entering a name at commercial domain name registrar such as Facebook.

If the domain name is available then select that particular domain name.

You are given with selecting additional services such as Email Inbox, hosting etc. User can select what is needed.

Your personal information is enquired and it is stored in WHOIS database.

Next is the payment section. Enter the correct details and make the purchase.

After finishing all the above steps, you can start using their tools to upload your data to your site.

Domain Name Registrar

There are many domain name registrars available today. Some of the popular domain name registrars are below.

S.N. Domain Name Registrar
Address Creation, LLC
Addressonthe web, LLC
101domains, INC
Atomicdomainnames, LLC
BigRock Solutions Ltd
Black Ice Domain, Inc
Block Host LLC
Domain Monkeys, LLC
Domain Mantra, Inc.
DomainName, Inc.
Dot Holding Inc.
DotMedia Ltd
Extend Names, Inc.
Extremely Wild
Fast Domain Inc.
Google Inc

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